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Preacher: Phil Proctor (2), Allan McQuarrie (2), Harry Gardiner (2), Terry Wills (1), Bob Kentfield (1).
Service: Sunday Morning (4), Sunday Evening (4).
Jesus the CreatorMay 29, 2011Phil Proctor
The Lamb of GodMay 29, 2011Phil Proctor
Pauls Last Words to TimothyMay 15, 2011Allan McQuarrie
A Meeting on the Shore With JesusMay 15, 2011Allan McQuarrie
ParentingMay 8, 2011Harry Gardiner
The Birth of SamsonMay 8, 2011Harry Gardiner
The Biography of a TraitorMay 1, 2011Terry Wills
Ye Must Be Born AgainMay 1, 2011Bob Kentfield